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Are you a green warrior? Want to save the environment or cut back any way that you can? CleverPrint is a simple and free program that makes environmentally friendly printing possible. This program works with any Windows-friendly printing app, and is ideal for users of all levels.


CleverPrint comes with a simple interface that includes basic instructions and options. Using a Windows app, users can send any print job to CleverPrint, arrange paper strategically, cut borders, cut back on wasted space, merge jobs, and, basically, make printing anything a good way to spread some green. Thanks to previews and plenty of options, sending a finalized print job to the right printer is a cinch.

Main Function

As mentioned, the main purpose of CleverPrint is to help users cut back on wasted paper. Often, printing means wasting paper and using more paper than is actually necessary. With the help of CleverPrint, there’s no need to waste paper. Get rid of borders, merge projects, and cut back on anything unnecessary. Simple, effective, and compatible with most printers, CleverPrint is a great program to use.

Extra Features

If you don’t want to print a project, CleverPrint also provides a PDF option. Simply convert any project to PDF format in order to avoid printing altogether. It is also possible to email any project instead of printing.


To help save some trees and cut back on print pollution, CleverPrint is a great program. If you happen to print a lot of documents, consider using this program in order to reduce your environmental footprint.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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